COMING SOON to Hands On Press:  Until then, here's a sneak peak at a couple of our course offerings.

Letterpress Basics :  Mottos, Mantras  and  Movable Type

      This class will teach the primary skills of letterpress printing using vintage handset typography. Each participant will learn how to properly compose, lock-up, and print a form on our presses.  A small edition will be made of each design, and every student will receive a folio holding a complete suite of the prints created during this whirlwind workshop.  Please come prepared with a short motto or mantra that you'd like to share with the world. 


Typesetting Basics:  "Excuse me!"  A Display Portfolio of Unbelievable Excuses.

     Explore the wide selection of vintage lead typography found in the Striped Light collection while you compose exquisite specimens of your most outrageous excuses.  Excuses for what?... one might ask  -  well we need not know just yet,  but as a class we will be creating a potentially useful collection for future reference.   In this workshop you will learn how to properly set movable type and operate our studio's flatbed cylinder proof presses.  Each participant of the class will leave with a full collection of all the excuses produced during the workshop.   Please come to the class with a prewritten excuse to begin our work;  if you come empty-handed you better have a "good reason."


Bold Geometric Patterns:  Block Printing Workshop

     Print your own beautiful and striking designs in this exciting two day workshop.  To get the weekend started with a bang we begin with you working directly at the press where you will use a variety of precut shapes and multiples to create layered compositions.  Taking inspiration from these experiments done at the press you will then cut your own linoleum blocks and design elements.  There will be a basic carving demonstration that will show you everything you need to know, so you will not need to have any previous experience.   We will be mixing, and printing with semi transparent inks,  with this method even the simplest shapes will yield sophisticated results with ink overlays. Since we will be using multiple blocks to print your patterns and designs, it is likely that you will find unexpected and fruitful opportunities to utilize and incorporate elements created by your fellow classmates as the printing session goes on.


Block-Printing : Large Linoleum Letterforms

      The appreciation of letterforms is not reserved just for graphic designers; this introductory level carving and printing class is for anyone taken by the allure of great typography.  This two-day workshop will focus on printing beautiful hand-carved renderings of singular letters. Whether your interests are in following simple classics, exploring ornate display typefaces,  or  modifying and inventing your own characters; the instructor will have a vast array of reference books and type-catalogs for you to draw inspiration from.