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Bark - "Year of the Dog"

"... it became apparent from the outset that if the Tim Lee 3 is a shiny vintage Camaro IROC-Z, painted bright and buffed out, then Bark is a ’71 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda, painted matte black with a few Bondo spots on the bumper but with a completely restored engine growling beneath the hood. Year of the Dog kicks off with the righteous swagger of “Miss Me,” the two instruments rattling off of one another with as syncopated orneriness that’s the sound of a snarl set to rock ‘n’ roll; a couple of songs later, they’re crawling along the side of the highway like an overheated copperhead on Mississippi blacktop, a steady-and-deadly meander toward an uncertain fate."  – Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times Weekend section

STRIPE-008 (10.06.17): Vinyl $15 / CD $10 / Download $7

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Faux Ferocious - "Cloning the Rubicon"

Cloning the Rubicon is an album pulled from two short run, cassette-only EPs. Both released in 2015, Blues Legends (Burger Records) and Faux Ferocious (Infinity Cat Records) constituted a kind of soft debut. The two EPs used a range of recording techniques that spanned from four-track cassette machine to full studio, bridging generations of sounds. A collaboration with Striped Light Records led to the creation of their  LP, Cloning the Rubicon, the culmination of those Faux Ferocious works, featuring hand made jacket printed at Striped Light Letterpress.

Single FEEDING FRENZY featured in Impose Magazine

STRIPE-006 (10.21.16): Vinyl $15

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Shriek Operator - "The God Who Answers By Fire"

"Shriek Operator is notable for its complex, lyrically focused songs, Alan’s 32nd-note finger-style and three-octave vocal range, and his sister Joanna’s close harmonies sung in a pure tenor. These elements are violated by glass-breaking shrieks and shocking, guttural maledictions."  ––Charles Pabst

"Beautiful harmonies . . . I liked everything but the last song, it was abrasive, you know?" ––Josephine Foster

STRIPE-003 (08.27.16): Vinyl $20 / Download $10

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White Gregg - "Nice Spread"

A balancing act between high-tension, wild composition and damaged rock & roll.   Comprised of some of Knoxville's longest serving experimental / post-rock musicians, White Gregg is :  Eric Lee (Idle Hands / Dark Logik / Double Muslims)- guitar; Tyler Mucklow (Woman / Divorce / Maxi & The Pads)- guitar; Maggie Brannon (Divorce / The Sniff) - vocals; Damion Huntoon (Woman)- bass guitar;  Jason Boardman (Or / Dark Logik / Double Muslims) - drums.  Their long awaited LP "Nice Spread", recorded by Scott Minor in 2013, presents some of the earliest work of this inspired and challenging rock band.

STRIPE-002 (10.29.15):  Vinyl $10 / Download $7

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Daddy Don't - s/t

Knoxville duo (plus bubbles) features Charice Starr, Maggie Brannon, (and Brad Fowler)  "...drum/guitar duo sings songs that are sweet on the outside but tough and prickly at their core .  Equally pop and punk minded storytellers, Daddy Don't have a wicked sense of humor but also a song or two in their arsenal that, if you're feeling particularly vulnerable that day, might make you tear up." - aptly put by Eric Dawson in Art Knoxville.  

STRIPE-001 (08.02.13):  Vinyl $10 / Download $7

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