Custom Printing & Design at Striped Light

Posters, broadsides, business cards, invites, packaging and more.  We can design and print your custom job on one of our cylinder proof presses.  Our tool kit includes a large, curated antique type collection (lead and wood) and two master printers that can hand-cut linoleum and wood designs with the best of them. Combine that with the magical versatility of photo polymer plates (yes! we can print your logo), and now you're looking at near infinite combinations of graphic options.

Have an idea but you’re not sure where to begin or how to translate it to the printed page? Working collaboratively, providing layout and aesthetic consulting in all forms of print is one of our many specialties. 


Job Estimate Request Form

Fill out the form below and press the big ol' button when it's complete. We will respond via email within two business days. If you prefer to be contacted via phone let us know in the 'deets' section! During business hours we can be reached at - 865.200.8541

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When do you need them by?
If possible we complete jobs 10 business days. Expedited jobs when possible, are subject to an additional rush charge.
How many business cards, posters, invites would you like printed? Poster minimums start at 50, business cards at 200.
The more we know, the most specific the estimate can be. If possible tell us: How many colors will the job have, what size you would like the completed project to be and what any additional steps to the process other than printing you would like to include (binding, stapling, corner rounding, bands, eyelets, etc).