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Located near Happy Holler
107 Bearden Place
(aka 900 N Central St)
Knoxville, TN 3791                                                                 


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Team Striped Light includes:

Image: Shawn Poynter

Image: Shawn Poynter

Bryan Baker, Founder 

Bryan is an artist and educator in the field of letterpress printmaking, and for the last twelve years he has made a living by practicing and teaching his craft. While earning his graduate degree from the University of Tennessee Knoxville he worked at Yee-Haw Industrial letterpress as a designer and printer, and upon graduation took on a full-time position there. While working at Yee-Haw his teaching career took form: conducting adjunct classes at UT, running workshops at both Arrowmont and Penland, and spent a year at Clarion University, PA. In 2008 he ended his long and proud run at Yee-Haw to follow his wife to be. He soon found himself in New York City, working at a major commercial printshop, teaching at the Center for Book Arts and helping run the Arm Letterpress in Brooklyn. At this point he began buying his own printing presses and set-up a private studio, Stukenborg Press. The success of his shop lead to the acquisition of more and more equipment. By the time Stukenborg relocated to Detroit it was large enough to open up to the public as a production facility, and as a studio where people could come and learn how to run presses themselves. The drive to teach continues as Bryan has been active at a number of institutions in Michigan including: Ox-Bow, Signal-Return, and The College for Creative Studies.


Sarah Shebaro, Founder

Sarah is an artist, instructor, printer and technician that is happy to call Knoxville her home for a second time. Born and raised in the Midwest, Shebaro received her BFA from the University of Iowa before relocating to Chicago then Pennsylvania for a non-degree assistantship position at Bucknell University. In 2008 she completed her MFA study in printmaking at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Heading north in 2009 to Brooklyn, she accepted an assistant professor and technician position in the Printmaking department at the Pratt Institute. In her four years at Pratt she rehabilitated the print studios, paying extra special attention to the letterpress facilities. Through help from the printmaking and letterpress community as well as the department's students and instructors, Sarah was able to collect donations of type, presses and equipment necessary to revive the letterpress studio, complete with a fully-functioning type collection. In late December of 2014 Sarah returned to Knoxville to join the team of Striped Light. Her work can be found at

Recently Sarah was featured on a BBC piece about her love for type and print at a nifty place called Letterpress Things. Check out the video here.


Jason Boardman, Founder

Jason is a musician, event producer, technician and entrepreneur based in Knoxville. Upon returning to Tennessee from studying Physics at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Jason settled in Knoxville in early 1994. During a short stint chasing a Music Composition degree at UTK he found himself working at a then small, innovative local book store, McKay Books. For the last 20 years Jason has served as sole software engineer and systems architect for this now revolutionary retail giant. In May of 2000, Jason opened the now venerable, community centered music and art venue Pilot Light. Approaching its 15th year in operation, Pilot Light has brought thousands of musicians and artists to Knoxville from all over the nation while maintaining a collaborative environment to help serve one of the most impressive local music scenes in the southeast. In early 2010, he opened Hot Horse, a music / records / vintage store operating on an innovative partner/consignment model, now in its fifth year of operation.