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This 'un, one more, then the briar patch. New work from Song of the South by Amos Oaks

  • Striped Light 107 Bearden Place Knoxville, TN, 37917 United States (map)

This 'un, one more, then the briar patch.  New work from Song of the South by Amos Oaks.  The work in this show is an ongoing project.  This show is a follow up to the 2015 show TWACK.  The work continues to explore issues of abuse, racism, addiction, lust, religion, and other un-fun subject matter.  This work offers no answers.  The performance on August 19 at 9pm is an orchestration being rehearsed by two separate groups of musicians.  We will not play together until the night of the show and each group will be delivering their own interpretation of the piece collectively that evening.  This is being delivered in this fashion to contemplate individuals from different walks of life coming together to hash out ideas, passions, and beliefs in a way that is sometimes confrontational, sometimes out of rhythm, sometimes out of sync - with the hope that pushing on will work itself out in a way that might not give you a complete solution, but presents itself as something whole, acceptable, and beautiful.

The orchestrated performance will happen once and will get going right at 9pm.  Don't expect it to start later.