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'The Flyest of the Flyers', The Musician's Best Friend Edition - Risograph Basics

The Flyest of the Flyers - Risograph Basics

Need a show-stopping statement piece? Tying to figure out how to get folks to attend your seance, cd release or circus? This workshop is for you! The Risograph, a digital duplicator with an aesthetic and mechanical process similar to screenprint has a unique look that will grab your audience and launch them to your event with rocket-like velocity! This class gets you familiarized with our Risograph machines in combination with hand layout techniques to make dynamic, multi-color flyers, signs and announcements. There will also be templates available to design CD cases and J-Cards for those that are interested in audio packaging!

Completing this class gets you certified to use our Riso machines during open shop hours every Thursday through Sunday. The cost of this workshop is $50.