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Special Topics Letterpress - 'Letterpress printing in the 21st Century, an evening with Photopolymer plates'

Are you a graphic designer who is ready to start making use of our shop's facilities, and aren't necessarily interested in using handset type? Or, are you simply an individual who is attracted to heavily debossed printing? Well, this class is perfect for both of you.

Photopolymer plates are the most commonly used bridge between designs made on the computer, and the exciting world of hand­printed letterpress work that has that "impression you can really feel." This special topics session is meant to dovetail directly with the printshop certification workshop on the 30th of May. If you take both you will be fully certified to begin renting press time, and have all the knowledge you need to begin transforming your ideas into the physical world. These classes are both centered around technical information and process, much more so than many of our other classes that often have a fun little theme or project that'd get realized.

This Wednesday night class will certainly be exciting though. We will be running a wide variety of paper stock through the presses to make a set of impression samples for your project reference. We will teach you how to prepare files for the platemaking process, and explain the pros and cons of different plate options and materials. We will spend time discussing and trouble shooting projects you are interested in persuing in the near future, and each participant will also have a chance to crank out a small edition of cards on our proof presses using one of our previously made plates so that you can experience the whole process of setting up the press.

The cost of the workshop is $65