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TWACK - First Friday Exhibition Featuring the Work of Amos Oaks

Please join us at Striped Light, Friday March 6th from 6 to 10pm for our second exhibition featuring the work of Amos Oaks

Common objects associated with crystal methamphetamine. These objects can be signs that junkies are present or were there recently (maybe crashed on the floor/couch). These things include really crappy drawings of graffiti on scrap paper, uncleaned dog poo/drinks/food on the carpet, broken light bulbs/missing light bulbs (can be improvised to smoke meth), crafty arts that require short attention spans (for females), left-over traces of meth on the coffee table, and other various tweaker paraphernalia. 

Amos Oaks has been working on a project titled “Song of the South” for a couple of years. It has been building up from a foundation of research and small shows featuring readings and drawings. A visual timeline of sorts can be viewed at: 

This particular show might be considered the joist system and will continue to explore universal social issues related to abuse, poverty, addiction, and similar potentially traumatic themes from an East Tennessee perspective. Each issue is represented by a particular character from the Tales of Uncle Remus. The evening will end with an improvisational blues performed by Amos and John Phillips. 

(Jason) Amos proudly works under the banner of his middle name. It is the name of his great-grandfather and is symbolic of a tradition rooted in heritage and storytelling. He lives with his wife Misty (co-owner of Mister Canteen), his daughter Gillian (a musician), and his soon-to-be-leaving-from-home son Cal (a videographer).