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Very Good Plus Extreme Wear, The Blade-Altered Album Art of S. Shebaro

  • Striped Light 107 Bearden Pl Knoxville, TN, 37917 United States (map)

The audio content housed in a record, hidden in a sleeve has an energy, the
cover image is its first interface of communication. Romantic scenes blurred
with a ring of static produced from years of play, these covers seemed too
precious to be sitting, stacked in second-hand stores. The quiet
accomplishment of a well-loved object has value and that value rests in its
past. Shebaro's altered album covers focus on the overlooked presence and
influence of these aged objects in our lives and the power of recalled memories
we associate with them.

With blades, sandpaper and hours in the studio this reductive drawing process
is a form of meditation. Obscuring content that immediately identifies the
practical nature of the object allows the imagery to be re-discovered on the
same etherial level as a new sound. The artist sees this practice as a form of
drawing that references and is influenced by the calming, driving, uplifting
presence of music in everyday life.

Sarah Shebaro is an artist, instructor and printer recently relocated to
Knoxville, TN. She along with cohorts Jason Boardman and Bryan Baker are
now proud owners and operators of a letterpress shop, record label and
creative output imprint, Striped Light, located in the Happy Holler neighborhood
of Knoxville.

These covers will be on display through the month of April at Striped Light
located at 107 Bearden Place in Knoxville, TN. More of Sarah Shebaro's work
can be viewed on her site: